Home Insulation Program!

This scheme, undoubtedly, introduced as an economic stimulus package in favour of reducing the energy consumption.

All stimulus packages need to finish at some point in time.

There were complaints in relation to safety issues; which appeared to me, clearly, that they were matters that needed to be handed by ‘Worksafe’ of state governments.

People are free to insulate their homes and buildings; and employ any body qualified to do the job. If there are safety issues or faults in the work, it is the responsibility of that contactor, and or ‘Worksafe’ of the state government to deal with the issues.

There were no reasons to withhold such a powerful economic stimulus package, just because of safety breaches by those contractors.

It appeared to me that Federal Government decided to divert the stimulus to ‘mop-up’ the faults caused by the contractors.

Emission Trading Scheme (ETS)!

The legislation failed to go through Federal Parliament, because there was a lack of support from many non Labor Party members of Federal Parliament. Circumstances, proved, beyond reasonable doubts, that Labor Federal Government had to be reelected with a higher favorable out come to pass the legislations that could not go through, because of the opposing elements.

Life on earth hangs on environmental factors. Consequences of damaging the environment are, practically, irreversible and catastrophic. It is not something with to be gambled. Material objectives must stand behind environmental interests. Business and regimes that exercise lack of respect towards the environment must face penalties and isolation.

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