I gave Mark Lathen following response through media in relation to his comments against Kevin Rudd:

Dear Mr, Mark Lathen,

It is Ms Gillard who is snaky by disguising her true nature in order to deceive the public. I would ask you to reflect on your own actions, while you were a public figure. The conducts of both yours and Ms. Gullia Gillard’s were disgusting and out of character of a genuine public figure. Ms. Gillard is a back stabber, who is unfaithful, dishonest and wrong. She is not only a danger to herself, but also to the nation.

There are only two viable options for Ms. Gullia Gillard: that is to apologise, formally, and step down from her position; or face both democratic political brunt and wrath.

Ms Gillard’s de facto relationship appears to be an alliance of convenience. I had heard stories about male women’s hair dressers; however, there could be exceptions, but have no experience of such. Claims in the past showed that Ms. Gillard had strong affiliation with lesbianism. She formed a relationship with her de facto around 2007 Federal Election; she was in her late forties. I had serious doubts about the genuineness of the relationship.

Ms.Gillard claimed that she did not believe in God, while she was a person who could not see what was happening behind her own back. These comments of her show that she denies Christ. It could be tolerated, if these comments were due to ignorance; however, Ms. Gillard does not fit into that form of context. Space could neither be created, nor be destroyed; end of one room is begging of another. God did not have a beginning, and God would not have an end; like the vast space we live in, which could not have a beginning, and that would not have an end.

Politicians must have an example behavior. They should not engage in cover-ups. Matters of public interest should not be a secret; it is the public that elects parliamentarians. It is necessary to disclose knowledge of public concerns. Those who disclose knowledge of public concerns to the public ought to be respected and rewarded. I offer many thanks to those who leaked the details of dishonest conduct of public figures such Ms.Gullia Gillard.

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