I gave the following response to some of the comments of commentators through media:

I have a message for commentators, who have no regards for freedom of speech, and comments opposing theirs views! These commentators must acknowledge the fact that they are in a Christian and a Western civilized society; therefore, they should not act like pharisees, or barbarians. It is barbaric to conceal my comments, or ask me to shut up, especially, when I am putting the facts logically and decently. I am trying to make it clear to the public about critical hypocritical and outrageous behavior of some of the figures in public office.

My message on 01st August 2010 ( 2:21 am West Australian) to U.S President Obama!

Dear Hon. President, I beg Your Honour to declare war, both militarily and otherwise, against barbaric punishments and traditions, immediately. Countries such as Iran would be in the hit list. This will also wipe out most nuclear and terrorist threats. Your Honour would receive support of many people and many countries.

Contact White House: http://www.whitehouse.gov/thank-you

My message on 31st August 2010 (….p.m West Australian) to U.S President Obama!

I welcome the ending of US combat operation in IRAQ. Iraqi government is responsible for the instability of the region. It brought the instability by assisting the removal of Saddam. It made further errors by aiding and committing the execution of Saddam. Iraq’s government’s acts of terror against its own nation with the help of some other powerful nations must be condemned as uncivilized, uncultured, and barbaric.

On 04th August 2010, I wrote the following to media through Internet ‘7News Election’:

I want to say about erotic allegations! As far as I had sensed, many of these were bent allegations. Main motives were money (criminal compensation), revenge, discrimination, etc. Men, mainly, were victims of these false allegations. I ([email protected])do have clear and irrefutable evidence to back up my conjecture. Many people have formed such deviant (sex is low and evil) views about sex. Sex has become an extremely dangerous activity. The accusers were pretty badly discriminated and traumatised, as a result of these discriminatory views, including, gender and age.

On 04th August 2010, I saw the video clip ’Man Cries for Gillard in parody’ posted by ‘7News Election’ on Internet ; in response, I wrote the following, on 04th August 2010, to media ‘7News Election’ through Internet:

How come you started your cry just after the camera flashed on you? Where were your tears? Get some ‘tear-gas’ for your next video. It is like a cake full of frosting outside and within full of crap. The fact is Gulliard does not have the same caliber as Rudd. They way she came into power was pretty unpleasant. If you want to marry someone’s wife, you do not do that by murder. Do not stand by evil. Public elected Rudd to run the country; therefore, she must stand down from her position, immediately.

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