Immigration policy and loopholes!

It would be unconstitutional to hire foreign workers for unscrupulous reasons.

Since the brutal and callus John Howard’s leadership there has been on going unconstitutional practices for the benefit of some greedy businesses and business people at the expense of the well being of the majority of permanent residents and citizens.

Permanent residents and citizens were finding extremely difficult to get jobs: it was primarily due to oversees workers more than the world economic crisis. This situation and ‘Work Choices’ threatened the jobs of the locals.

Overseas workers (on work permits) were willing to work for extremely low wages, even far below the award-rate and under almost any pressure (harshness, abuse or undue work load).

Crooked employers were happy with the situation, and were quite willing to take advantage out of them. They preferred such oversees workers to locals (Permanent Residents and Citizens). There were many businesses that appeared to recruit more overseas workers than locals.

When jobs are scarce for locals, there would be a shortage of funds among them; and this in turn, would have a profound impact on sales of the local businesses due to lack of spending capacity. Most of the foreign workers have extremely tight budgets. They, mainly, focus on savings. As a result, they contribute little to the cash flow.

Australia must make sure that it guards itself against nasty influences (both internal and external); and is governing itself, by principals and examples of Jesus Christ.

All law-making bodies must operate within the context of the constitution.

It is unconstitutional for any organization (private or government) to establish or harbor policies that would jeopardize well being of the locals (Permanent Residents and Citizens), especially, Citizens.

It is unconstitutional for any organization (private or government) to establish or harbor policies that would give position of authority to overseas workers over locals (Permanent Residents and Citizens).

Foreign workers can not be placed in positions where they have authority over locals. There are unique requirements a person has to comply to serve police, armed services, etc; therefore, those requirements ought to be followed by private security services. Any security position must bear its grounds; and a person can not be employed in a manner that would not fit into its entire requirement.

It is necessary to establish effective measures to prevent unpleasant incidents.

All staff members of public office, who have infiltrated the system for wrong reasons must be detected and sacked.

If you wish to help people in other countries, please, make sure Australian service does focus on most needed: “do not carry coal to New Castle”

Some societies are more lenient towards corruption, narrow mildness, and abuse. In relation to immigration, it is a necessary exercise ’to understand a person, and his/her way of life, it is necessary to understand the society in which that person was brought up and what that society did stand for’.

A country could be almost taken over by foreign elements(aliens in terms of Australian Constitution), if that country allows aliens to establish businesses within the country, especially, without proper filtration.; and if this occurs the Australian culture, work place and the conduct could be drastically affected by the influence of those alien cultures.

There was information to suggest that some overseas economic powers were trying to conquer the country (or the system, especially, in the economy area) by using various things as cover; and masterminds behind these were highly influential organisations and business people. In this operation, they were using immigration loop holes to get their people permanent residency in Australia.

There was information to suggest that many migration agents were working underhandedly with some decision-making officials at Immigration Department. It was my first hand experience during John Howard’s government that it was a highly corrupt department up to the position of Minister. If you need irrefutable evidence, I would be able to provide that to you.

In Perth and or the rest of Western Australia, you would have found that many security officers were overseas people on work permits. I have my doubts that the constitution permits a noncitizen to take up security positions in the country. When there are so many unemployed citizens and permanent residents, there is no excuse whatsoever to give security jobs to non citizens. I have spoken to both Chubb Security and Wilson Security over the phone about this matter.Wilson Security has confirmed that most of their security personals were people with work visas and student visas. It is the state governments that were solely responsible for issuing security licenses to people who were not citizens. It was the state police licensing services that were issuing security licenses.

System must make sure that every organization does give priority to the locals. There has been considerable corruption (especially, biases) in relation to recruitment; therefore, it is necessary to abolish all private recruitments. All recruitments should be done by government running sources. Recruitments, dismissals, conditions, and wages must be strictly controlled and approved by the government.

Using a visa, other than for its original purpose is illegal; and slave labour is illegal. Granting of visas in a manner that would encourage fraud, unemployment and slave labour are unconstitutional; and illegal. Some of those who enter into relationships for immigration purposes, when the right time comes, do things to provoke the partners ; then, make serious claims against them, because, they are under the impression that Immigration Department would give them ‘Permanent Residency’, in a situation, where partner intends depart from the alleged commitment on the grounds of misconduct. It has come to my attention that there is a massive and ugly form of visitors-visa violations by families or friends with whom these visa holders reside in Australia. These visa holders are subjected to slave labour by their family members or friends who supported them to come to Australia.

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