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Subject: Kevin Rudd, the Honorable former P.M; and some of the pressing issues!

Kevin Rudd would establish a crushing defeat against all insincere and dirty politicians.

There is no command in modern Australian political spectrum that could coincide with the caliber of that of Kevin Rudd. Australian people can put their soul trust on Kevin Rudd. Kevin Rudd is democratically and logically unbeatable people’s giant. Handing over P.M job back to Kevin Rudd is in the best interest of the nation and ‘Labour Party’.

There is no command beneficial to the genuine interest of the public than Labour. The other party that would closely match would be Greens. Kevin Rudd is back on the front-line of Labour, and now, public can put its sole trust on Labour. Liberal party is for themselves and selfish interests of business owners. It is not a party for people. There are radical reforms to be introduced to increase the spending capacity of individuals; so both employers and employees would benefit.

State Governments and local councils are responsible for increased rates (bills) and fines; but, not the federal government. These actions of the state governments constitute a significant blow against success of the businesses, employment figures, and spending capacity of individuals. In Perth, a parking penalty would be around hundred dollars. Parking fees are staggering. There are inhuman traffic fines. Policies that assume that human beings are perfect are quite deviant to human nature. With regard to parking, I request the following changes. There should not be fees for roadside and street parking. Restricted parking places should be enclosed, and constantly monitored. All parking fees must be lowered significantly in all sectors. All policies and laws that expect human beings to behave perfectly and to take advantage out of human weaknesses and misery must be removed. It has been quite clear that some, if not many, elements of the judiciary, creditors, legal firms, commercial contracts have engaged in taking advantages of human vulnerabilities; and in blowing things out of proportions to satisfy their dirty means. All financial contracts for services that act like traps must be abolished. Financial contracts must be limited to a remarkably short period, and emergency egress from a contract must only incur remarkably little fees.

It was Kevin Rudd’s leadership that produced Australia’s first lady Governor General. It was Kevin Rudd’s leadership that produced Australia’s first female deputy Prime Minister. It was ‘Labour’ leadership that produced Australia’s first female Prime Minister. It was ‘Labour’ leadership that produced Australia’s first female state premiers.

Good leaders desire and determine to specify what is best. They are rational. If the kids love to eat greasy potato chips terribly often, only ineffectual parents would give into those bad cravings of their kids. If someone wants to tackle elected leaders prior to a general election, please, do so logically, not by vile polls.

There are particularly compelling reason why people should not rely on polls before a general election. Non-election polls do not represent the majority of the voting population, and certainly, they do not constitute the entire voting population. Non-election polls are vulnerable to weaknesses, and biasness. If the non-elections polls are so true, then the procedure should be used to replace the current practice of conducting elections. Non-election polls could have destructive interference with the terms of the outcome of elections. One person can vote more than once in some, if not all, non-election polls. In most, if not all, non-election polls hardly have any formal identifying methods of voters.

History shows that dismissals of powerful leaders such as Kevin Rudd have led to tragic circumstances for years to come. It is like dismissal of your immune system; which would open the door for the destroyers or the enemies. Good leaders are, in general, autocratic and determined; they would not bow down to unfair influences or pressures.

Both, ‘Green Party’ and Kevin Rudd, are for people and humanity. However, many demands of Greens are off the limit; they are impossible in real life. Greens’ policies are in conflict with those of the opposition. In this situation, how could Greens serve Abbot?

Kevin Rudd has been the master mind and the architect of all the legislations while he was P.M. It is him that should be credited most. Minister were appointed by him; Minister could not come up with legislations that had not be carefully studied and fully approved by Kevin Rudd.

Labour’s plan in relation to broadband is the best: Opposition’s proposal of wireless broad band is flawed; because, wireless signals could be jammed; and require lot of power boosters (microwave, which is harmful to life on earth). Especially, in a war situation, enemies could jam the wireless transmissions, quite easily. Enemies do not have to reach Australia to jam the transmission.

Australia had to go into deficit to merge as the best economy in the world. Australia has enough resources to overcome the deficit. People of Australia would have suffered severely, if it did not got to deficit. It was capitalistic policies that drove the world to an economic crisis. World financial crisis was due to too much accumulation of wealth, comparatively, among too few; and it is for this reason, economic stimulus was necessary.

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