Refugee claimants, including, those arriving illegally!

I am pretty sure, even if the claims of some seem to be genuine, they may not be honest.

You could take the arrivals back to their countries of origin; this is an unworkable solution as it causes sever breaches against humanity, and other complexities, including, expenses.

You could set the minimum jail term for people smugglers twenty years; this would provide a very temporary effective solution. However, this raises number of logical questions in difference in treatments of refugee claimants arriving on boats and those who helped them to reach their destinations. Eventually, it could to lead to situations, where captains and or crew members of the boats claiming refugee status. To curb the influx of such illegal arrivals by imposing heavy penalties on smugglers eventually could fail significantly.

These arrivals could be fit into a mechanism of the following nature; because, any government only has to meet certain standards such as security for these arrivals.

Australia could create an environment similar to their countries of origins; but safer. Government could determine their level of skills and integrate them into Australian workplace, especially, ones related to export industry; but, with wages like that they could earn in their countries of origin for those skills. In this circumstances, government needs to create an environment where they could afford to buy the goods, including, essential items; but, with quotas to create buffer action against any chance of corrupting the system. They should be given shelter, and social security benefits. Amount of money they receive should be according to standards of their counties of origin. There are other elements that you need to integrate to create buffer action against any wrongdoing or abuse. Government may impose a time limit that they could stay in Australia; such as allowing them to stay in the country until they are comfortable and safe to return to their countries of origin.

The above suggested models not only will hinder dishonest refugee claims; and will boost the amount of exports and profits by being highly competitive against countries such as China. 

It is highly necessary to impose uniform profit base taxes on businesses; and increase the amount of unemployment and other benefits for Australians. 

This mechanism will provide to those refugee claimants, not only decent and safe living standards, but also skills.

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